Thursday, June 18, 2009

We are the Sprocket Holes vol. 90

Finland’s MOTHGIRL Provides A Lesson In How To Cut A Perfect Teaser.

Posted by Todd Brown at 6:35am.

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What does it take to cut a perfect teaser? First, you have to know when to get in and get out. Too much is, well, too much. Second, you need a small collection of stunning images. Pictures are worth a thousand words, etc etc, and you’d like your teaser to be worth ten thousand or so very emphatic ones. Third, you need to hint without actually tipping your hand. It is a teaser after all, and you want to teeeeeease. Enter Finland’s Mothgirl. At risk of exposing too much, here’s the synopsis:

Mothgirl is a story of 32-years old Laura who, without any recollection what has happened prior, finds herself injured and bloody in a murky alley. Laura is dressed in nurse’s uniform, but doesn’t remember anything about the place she works or lives at. A top of her bewilderment Laura has a feeling she’s fleeing for something. Somebody is after her. Laura escapes to the only place she remembers, her childhood home in the small village by the sea. Through a series of flashbacks Laura starts to unravel her past to recreate the present. During this Laura descends deep into the dark corridors of the human mind, only to reveal a morbid truth in her past.

Writtn, directed and co-produced by Toni Pykäläniemi Mothgirl has just released it’s first teaser and it is, in a word, perfect. It’s also below the break.

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