Sunday, June 7, 2009

Oh God I Can See Forever vol. 3

you know who these 2 are?

that is Rihanna and Katy Perry.

i wrote this 5 months ago on this very blog in the post titled "Fuck My Life vol. 2";

"Katy Perry is hot and everything, but she just comes off as a total phony to me. I'm not buying her act for one minute. if she really was bi-sexual, she'd go onstage during Rihanna's performance, pulls off her clothes, and give her a body-wide tongue bath... outside and inside.... over and under.... using teeth tongue fingers and toes... test driving every inch of one another with their mouths... taking turns bending each other over and licking from ass to clit over and over... 69ing.... followed by a scissor-fuck that pulses slowly, gradually building to an harshly erogenous crescendo that almost perpetually explodes until they coo and yelp and grunt in united orgasm, grasping for the other's legs, collapsing into one another's arms, their mouths falling into one perfect, deep, passionate french kiss, tongues tumbling softly and slowly."

and now here they are, dripping wet on a boat.

The world is looking here.

get on it.

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