Thursday, July 16, 2009

We are the Sprocket Holes vol. 93

Richard Stanley Returns With VACATION

Posted by Todd Brown at 12:32am.

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After a long fallow period it’s looking like the coming years will be busy ones for cult director Richard Stanley. Not only is his classic Hardware finally getting a DVD release but there are ongoing rumblings that he’ll soon be shooting a film for Brian Yuzna’s Komodo Films in Indonesia and the listing for his abandoned project The Bones Of The Earth is showing it as active once again. But before either of those, Stanley will be returning to another abandoned project, this one being the thriller Vacation - a film that was originally written with Bruce Campbell in mind to star. It won’t be Campbell in the lead but instead you get to take your choice of Supermen. A few sites out there are reporting this as moving ahead with Smallville‘s Tom Welling in the lead but apparently the actual lead with be Lois and Clark‘s Dean Cain. Either way they’re not exactly getting big time movie star name recognition but I’d much rather see Cain than Welling.

Vacation is the story of a coke-addicted banker who travels with his stripper girlfriend to a seedy Middle Eastern resort. Their own personal problems soon pale before the disaster that strikes in the form of freak solar storms that eradicate all means of communication, leaving them stranded in an extremely hostile environment.

bummer about Bruce Campbell (guess he was afraid the project wasn't goofy enough for him, given his recent track record), but any Stanley is good Stanley.

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