Sunday, November 29, 2009

Brainmares vol. 9

climbing a rung of giant staples through a cavern of shiny dry ice. it leads to an elementary school where the walls are made of the same material. i turn back around to the tunnel and the staples are gone, so i dive back in, sliding down to the other end. i end up in an one floor house with a torn up futon in the middle of the room. A beautiful blond girl is slumped in a big brown chair, watching bloody horror movies on a high-definition television. She has a pierced lower lip and is wearing tight cut-off jeans and a black bra... no shoes. her boyfriend comes in. he looks like a thin version of the fat kid from Superbad. he's complaining about a penis he found on the bedroom floor. "what will guests think of the penis on the floor?" i think he says.

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