Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fuck My Life vol. 21

that is the ugliest face anyone has ever made in the history of ugliest faces that anyone has ever made. The sheer repugnance (emphasis on the "pug") of this grotesque visage is enough to inspire our own reproductive systems to self-induce sterilization in all of us, to ensure that even the remote possibility of another creature beast beast creature such as this somehow finding a double would not ever be possible.

compared to this, a gorilla mask of testicular cancer ball hair and explosive breakfast diarrhea sculpted into the shape of a scab covered Rocky Dennis rimming a flock of desert fried carrion is equal to the beauty and pleasure of titty-fucking Californication's Eva Amurri while she dribbles honey out of her parted lips and on to your throbbing wanger.

Fuck my Life.

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emanonguy said...

+1 to your internets for the Rocky Dennis reference :D