Saturday, April 10, 2010

They Don't Have a Name for It vol. the 13th part 90210: Jason throws Donna down the Stairs

so i've got a Tumblr now... whatever that is. i'll be posting whatever visual art i come with on there, since i seem to be doing more of that lately.

watched the AVN Awards last night. Sasha Grey won best oral. she had laryngitis, so when she made her acceptance speech, her voice was all rough and horse.

fuck Sharon Olds... THAT's what i call poetry.

it was pretty funny though... that they tried to dress it up all classy like, but the films being rewarded were some of the most extreme, filthy, darkly intense pieces of fuck-crazy awesomeness ever produced by the industry... stuff with titles like Manuel Ferrara's all-arms-in Cavity Search 15 and the Organ Hollowing of Tori Black and Barely Legal Fissure Blossoms and so forth.

Jesse Jane, bubble-butt cute she may be, has the most revolting voice i've ever heard emanate from any throat. Roseanne Bar serenading a box of wounded cottontails with a trach-ring remix of "For the Longest Time" is more pleasing to the ears than Jesse Jane talking.

and Rocco Sifferedi is my fucking hero... literally. he's a wormhole of depravity, but the ladies can't wait to be sucked into it. Here i am... too bashful to kiss a hand, and this guy has women begging him to punch them in the stomach. FxMxLx.

since the festivities were on Showtime, most of the clips were abrupt, and some of the categories were not aired, like these;

Best Mock Pedophilic Tit-Fuck
Best Quasi-Incestuous Reverse Anal Cumshot
Best Coprophagous Blood Orgy in a Cyber Gonzo
Best use of a Fetal Goat Husk in an Ass-To-Mouth Water Bondage Scene
Best Tonsil Throttling Vomit Knuckle
Best All-Girl Toenail Colon Scraping

and some stuff that would even make Belladonna turn up her nose.... so she can vertically snort the plasma diarrhea cheese spurting in the wake of a two-headed elephantiasis fist-shaped motorized billy-club DP to Lauren Phoenix.

... don't think i can follow that one.

enjoy Tumblr

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