Saturday, July 10, 2010

Brainmares vol. 12

face wrapped in a hood of black ace bandage. i peek through a hole and see the face of an asian women whose lips were frozen in an attempt to separate the right and left halves of her head. it seems living, but is still like a photo. i try to take the hood off, but i can't. the only thing i see is this face. i start screaming, but the screams are blocked by a ball bearing lodged in my throat. wake. ---- stuck in an orb at the center of the world reading pulp comic books. the writing is all in prose format, with alternating capital and lower case sentences. the stories comes alive as the characters move around, wondering where they are. from the outside, another orb opens its mouth and begins the engulf our orb. a pink metal tongue emerges from the orb that is eating us, licking the circumference of its food. ------ in a van with some people. a Sinatra song comes on the radio. a slow one... maybe "When i was 17". Myself and another passenger comment on how much the singer from Dead Can Dance sounds like Sinatra at his most mournful. wake.

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