Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fuck YOUR Life vol. 9

oh boy.... more referential referencing references starring a bunch of never-will-bes and several Mad TV regulars doing piss poor imitations of people who actually have something approaching talent and/or screen presence. by the by, you know your movies are for shit if the only bright spots involve an increasingly lizard skinned Carmen Elektra and random cast members from fucking MAD TV, but i digress.

This is so fucking lame that it is breaking the universe. There cannot possibly be ANYONE that finds these movies necessary, let alone amusing. What in the cock of hell's ass do Jersey Shore, Lady Gaga and Alice in Wonderland have to do with vampires? oh right, they're all things that happened in the last 12 months.

If there is a scene where Rorschach from Watchmen takes off his mask and reveals himself to be a Tom Cruise look-alike dressed like Les Grossman from Tropic Thunder (only way fatter and hairier and jeweir because that's totally hilarious) who leads the whole cast in a dance off to a Ludacriss song before they get hit in the head with KFC Double Downs, the producers have to give my blog a writing credit.

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Aaron said...

Yeah I've been done with these (fill in the blank)-MOVIE movies for a long time now. But as long as idiots keep paying to see them, people will keep making them.