Sunday, October 24, 2010

Not that I'm Bitter or Anything vol. 8


i'd like to extend my congrats on your evolution through the years. your newest records are easily light-years ahead of your early stuff. but for the love of music... you must fire your fucking singers.

Daughters; it's great that you've evolved beyond your smart-ass screamo days and are now doing music more meaty, heady, and substantial.... but that candy-ass psychobilly singer needs his throat sliced in half, for the sound of a slit windpipe spraying blood everywhere is infinitely more in tune with your stylings than the friggin DREAD ZEPPELIN nonsense that's dragging you down.

Ion Dissonance; just tell this guy to shut the fuck up and let your admittedly interesting take on the tech-metalcore genre breathe. you've got the chops and the hooks, but your one-note jock-itch brocalist is smothering it with his flat delivery and freshman poetry.

i know interesting singers are rare in hardcore/metal, but it's frustrating when you know good bands are being bogged down by conceptually deficient idiots who are less interested in listening to what their band mates are doing and crafting their vocals/ideas thusly than they are going off on ego-feeding physical/mental tangents. it's hard to avoid sometimes i understand (being a vocalist/lyricist myself)... but i try my best. not sure if i succeed, but that's life.

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