Saturday, October 23, 2010

We are the Sprocket Holes vol. 166

Exclusive: First Word on 'Unearthed: The Hellraiser Saga'

Thu., Apr. 29, 2010 9:32 AM PDT , by Robg

For those that grew up in the 80’s on a steady diet of horror film franchises, most of which featured arguably the most iconic looking movie maniacs since the classic Universal monsters era, there’s always been that morbid curiosity to uncover all the behind-the-scenes inner workings of those indelible pictures. With retrospective documentaries already out there on Halloween (25 Years Of Terror), Friday The 13th (His Name Was Jason) and with Never Sleep Again, (the A Nightmare On Elm Street doc) not to mention The Psycho Legacy both on the horizon, it’s a pretty good time to be a genre fan.

Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, Norman Bates… they’re all covered. So it was only a matter of time before Pinhead got the extensive and exhaustive profile treatment as well. At the helm of Unearthed: The Hellraiser Saga is director Stefan Hutchinson (whom recently scripted original comic stories for both Day Of The Dead and Halloween), with Ryan “Rotten” Turek (managing editor over at Shock Till You writing and Anthony Masi serving as producer. Much to the delight of Hellraiser fans, Clive Barker will also be involved with the production by creating a brand new cenobite for the documentary.

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Aaron said...

Awesome news. Not a fan of the franchise (who is?!) but the first HELLRAISER is my second favorite horror movie of all time and I enjoy the second one a lot. Really looking forward to this.

Nick said...

yeah i'm a total dweeb for the first Hellraiser. Part 2 is alright as far as sequels go, but it's still pretty lacking in much of the areas that made the first one so disturbing and cool. Part 3 was the last one i watched all the way through. i like that one as far as late night junk goes, but that doesn't mean its anything but an insult to the original film. part 4 is a fucking mess that i wasn't even able to finish. i of course love the novella (the first and last chapters are arguably Barker's best writing ever), and even some of the comics were pretty sweet.

Aaron said...

I've actually seen all of them and none of them seem to get the point. None of them are worth seeing, in my opinion, especially the last two. Garbage. Like you said, though, part 3 is OK for what it is.