Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fuck YOUR Life vol. 15

... no, this isn't some send up. this is for real. meet Rebecca Black

even Pedobear would say no.

makes Ke$sha sound like Maria Callas, don't it (or at least a little less like Crispin Glover doing a Robitussin Colonic Karaoke rendition of a Willa Ford song while dressed like the lost Olsen triplet left to die in the dumpster behind a Persian Bath House)?

to call this "insipid" would be a detriment to the word. the death rattle of anecephalic harlequin babies trapped in a burning nursery filled with kerosene blankies still would not illicit the pained expression cutting canyon-deep lines into my skull as i see/listen to this razor-wire dial tone.

aaaand here's the ironic screammetalcore cover;

EDIT: Speaking of Meh$Ha;


....Not Quite....


emanonguy said...

White People just about sums it up. The /b/tards and other interwebs assclowns telling her to die is typical e-rage, when they should really be going after Ark Music. Sure, the bulk of pop music isn't really substantively different, but the shit Ark puts out is the living incarnation of glorified Kidz Bop.

Ol' Beezle has got to be throwing them a gimme. Either that or Ark really did make Friday as bad as humanly possible just to garner the attention. Were that true, I'd hope at least for shits and giggles that her parents file a child endangerment suit.

Nick said...

yeah this Ark Music stuff just creeps me out. most of their stuff wouldn't pass muster at a church-sponsored variety show in a low income neighborhood. at least then we could look forward to the parties involved getting mugged on the way home.

it's NAMBLA with Autotune.