Thursday, March 17, 2011


Aronofsky Drops Out Of WOLVERINE

whelp... there goes any hope of this project not freebasing rectal grindings.

"didn't wanna leave the country". i call bullshit on that one... given Fox's track record with this franchise, maybe Arronofsky felt it best not to stain his surgical implements with this particular back alley abortion.



emanonguy said...

And why should he? His record is good so far, so committing to something that Fox will use to churn out another steaming pile of shit for the Hooters crowd to rave about is in no way beneficial to his career. It's too bad no one had the sense to hire decent talent and just fucking make the BWS Weapon X story already, but what else is there to expect from Hollywood?

emanonguy said...

To add further insult to injury, have you heard who's being considered for Akira?

Maybe McAvoy and Phoenix could do it, but even those feel like miscasts. Fuckin hoo-ray.

Nick said...

ugh... i'm totally playing ostrich when it comes to a Live Action American AKIRA movie.