Tuesday, March 15, 2011


David Slade to Reboot Daredevil

though he's (regrettably) best known for one of those shitass Twilight movies, David Slade also directed Hard Candy, the Ms. 45 of the Myspace Generation (and Ellen Page's breakout role), so this new is so far so good. Script and cast are next.

Daredevil deserves a good movie. hopefully this will be it. and what the hell, here's some lame ass fantasy casting;

Michael C. Hall as Matt Murdock / Daredevil

i can't think of a better catholic vigilante than the star of Dexter. just the right balance of unflappable idealism and brooding vengeance.

Olga Kurylenko as Elektra

the hottest Bond Girl since... probably ever. the hottest anything since anything ever. exotic and alluring, she would further reveal Jennifer Garner to be the Dudechinned Dudeface that she's always been.

Dean Winters as Bullseye

he played crafty Irish thug Ryan O-Riley for the entire run of HBO's OZ, and as Daredevil's charmingly violent arch-villain, Winters could fully go into his morbidly amusing side without all the baggage and family drama.

Stephen Graham as the Kingpin

I know he's a bit svelt to play Wilson Fisk, but watch him in the brilliant This is England or as Al Capone on HBO's fantastic Boardwalk Empire, and you'll see that all it would take is some clever camera tricks and body padding to turn him into one of the most imposing and deadly comic book villains of all time.


emanonguy said...

"Dudechinned Dudeface"

Fucking seriously. From the chin up she's decent, but no where in the realm of slobber worthy. She's too wholesome to begin with, and quite frankly that Do-Right chin of hers is really distracting. I can't understand the fascination with her, her skills as an actor are again in the decent range, but also unremarkable.

Nick said...

she looks pretty hot here;


emanonguy said...

:D I figured it would be a joke, but I still chortled pretty good. Well played, sir.