Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Swoon Swoon You're a Balloon vol. 1

Please read my statement regarding the recent articles that stated I was donating to Read Across America. Most importantly, check out

This is a sad attempt by a company I’ve never heard of to re-package and re-sell an outdated, previously-available scene, by touting it as one of my last scenes; nothing more than a cheap attempt to capitalize on the Read Across ...America controversy and my name. The real exploitation in the adult film business doesn’t happen on the set, it happens once the model releases are signed and companies make their distribution deals. While I don’t regret my former profession, I regret that this type of exploitation continues to thrive today. This isn't even newsworthy, but similar situations continue to happen to me and countless other performers.

Truthfully, I don’t know what to be more upset about: The fact that people are now mislead to believe I’m personally selling this movie with salacious marketing, or the fact that the NEA won’t take donations from this pathetic company. There’s little money for education in this beautiful country, and as a pro-education advocate, it’s heartbreaking to hear this. The NEA has denied that I am associated with them, which is correct. The 14-year-old program I was part of last November was also called Read Across America, which is where the confusion lies. However, nobody has cared enough to point that out, and instead pointed their fingers at me, making me the bad guy. The real story here should be that the regional non-profit Read Across America, Guest Reader Program that took place in Compton, CA is now defunct because of one lone disgruntled fan who harassed my parents, the school district, the media and me, for my involvement in such an important program. I think it’s sad that one person had enough time on their hands to inflict such an insurmountable amount of fear into an inner-city school district, causing the school to feel the need to lie about my presence and shut down the program altogether. It’s simply fascist.

Our educational system needs help. The Tucson Unified School District, for example, has banned a number of important books from their school system. Most of these books are rich in Chicano history. Here’s to hoping that we can bring education back to the forefront where it belongs.

Again, please take your time to check out and take a look at my video.

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