Tuesday, April 17, 2007

An Insult to Both Criminally Insane Mental Defectives and Literate Misanthropes


that seems to have taken to the heart of this Virgina Tech Massacre...the killer was *gasp* a LONER...with DISTURBING WRITINGS.

care for a segment?;

I just said his name sounds like kidney stone of the ass and that that's why he is always gruffy and angry. His shit is so thick and so oddly shaped that he can't go and all his shit are piled up in his intestines all the way up to his chest. He probably rips his sphincter to relieve a single gram of turd after two hours of pushing, sweating, teeth clenching, screeming in frustration, and holding breath for a half gram of green mold shit.

that's just stupid. not to mention poorly written and completely devoid of anything resembling sense. not shocking...not interesting...just lazy inane nonsense that's disturbing not only for the sake of it but as means to cover-up a complete lack of genuine insight or imagination. there are people who take lurid subject matter and present it in a compelling fashion, making it something valuable. this guy has no grasp on how to do that. he just wants to shock you shock you. the only truly "disturbing" thing about his writings is the fact that a degree-granting institution would let this sub-mental anywhere near one of their writing classes. he was reportedly kicked out of the class because he made the students uncomfortable. i would've kicked him out because his output would diminish the value of the entire class, student and professor. i would've flunked his sorry ass for submitting sub-standard trash that clearly shows a lack of effort and interest in the craft of writing, which is crucial if you're a ASS-FUCK WRITING MAJOR. if this guy didn't go poop-lips crazy and slaughter a bunch of innocent people he would've been laughed at of the workshop, like any other idiot with delusions of creativity. but now his writings are considered "chilling and dark" instead of poorly developed, callow, and affected, which is what they really are.

i would've LOVED to be in the same class with this dingleberry. but than i probably would've gotten shot. that would suck for a little bit...and then i'd be dead.

reportedly....Cho Seung Hui listened to this song on repeat. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pP3yeqkkYBE

i know when i hear that song i wanna kill people.

i'm going to d/l that song right now.

THAT'S chilling.

...too soon?


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