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NP: Marduk - Plauge Angel

Editors: Are you looking for any new writers? I am the youngest published science fiction novelist in America and I am very into comic books. My first novel, Dragons: Lexicon Triumvirate, will soon be a comic book itself. Furthermore, I am highly interested in the philosophy of comics, having published a few articles myself. Kenneth Eng, novelist

Ummm... seriously dude, all of us write novels so we can get the hell out of here. We don't have any more freelance money, unfortunately. -Hil

Hilary: Yeah, but my novels are cooler than yours bitch. Don't contact me again. KE

Let's talk about Kenneth Eng.

Kenneth Eng is Asian.
Kenneth Eng hates white people.
Kenneth Eng hates black people.
Kenneth Eng thinks dragons are real.
Kenneth Eng likes comic books. (
Kenneth Eng posted a video on YouTube praising the Virginia Tech Killer for killing white and black students. the video was mysteriously taken down when it was revealed that asian students were also gunned down.
Kenneth Eng is the youngest published sci-fi writer. his work contains deeply philosophical undercurrents and serious discussion on metaphysics. work like this;


Rifts in time during the Middle Ages allow humans to summon powerful prehistoric beasts and future technologies in this fantastic novel about the influence of perception on reality and the role of political power on the conversion of knowledge into ideology. Under the auspices of the hominids, dragon king Drekkenoth has attempted to use knowledge to corrupt the minds of all the dragons in his kingdom but is stymied by the existence of a single source of uncorrupt knowledge: a tome of omniscience known as the Lexicon. Dennagon, a lowly dragon sentry, takes it upon himself to discover this lexicon, an act that leads to his expulsion from the mainstream world of worms and humans and the creation of a band of dissident dragons who wage war on the corruption of Drekkenoth and his human masters. During his seemingly endless quest to find the Lexicon, battles with cyborg technodragons and bewildering encounters with the enigmatic forces of time provide Dennagon with insight into the ephemerality of omniscience and the instability of the temporal as he discovers that there is more to life than the lore he has so desperately been searching for.

the green dragon has not only a sword and a gun...BUT ANOTHER GUN STRAPPED TO HIS BELT. not to mention ANOTHER GUN STRAPPED TO HIS BACK.
the smoke dragon also has a sword. plus...he has ANOTHER SWORD.
then there is the pink-robot-dragon with the Mega-Buster on his right arm. no sword, though.

oh yeah...METAPHYSICS.

most if not all of the good reviews on were written by Eng himself under pseudonyms that are almost as ill-concieved as everything else the guy has said or done. if you click on the "see all my reviews" links of the positive reviews, you'll notice that more often than not there is only the one review (except in one case where a negative review of a Harry Potter book is present, in which Eng's book is shilled). he goes as far as to beg Hollywouldifshecould to make a film of his half-baked epic.

I see a movie, August 5, 2005
Josh Powers "Nuclear Man" (Tampa Bay) - See all my reviewsYeah, a lot of people say they liked this book as a book, but I see it more as a movie thing. There was so much description in it that screamed Wachowski Bros. Anime that I just wanted to rent the video instead of reading it. I gotta say tho the story itself is awesome. Rivals normal anime on so many levels.

entertaining, February 6, 2006
HungDaddy (Springfield, USA) - See all my reviewsNot what I expected from a ski fi book. There were a hell of a lot of action sequences and philosophy dialogues. It felt like I was reading a boxing match and Plato's republic at the same time, but you know what? I loved it. I would have to say that a movie would be better tho because then I can actually see the fight sequences instead of just reading them. The characters were also pretty cool. They had a crystal dragon fighting a dragon of fire. That's original. The story had a surprise ending too that was much better than those endings in M Night Shyamalan's increasingly crappy films. The only bad thing I can say is that the cover art doesn't do this book justice.

allegedly, a lot of the bad reviews were deleted by Eng, but here's one that made it to the featured review section;
Clearly, dragons are superior to pathetic white and black humans, because they can wield metal., March 9, 2007
Hooper_X "ruder than you, most likely." (THE LAND OF SKA AND HONEYS) - See all my reviewsKenneth Eng is an author for our times, and "Dragons: Lexicon Triumverate" is a novel for our times. Concerned with heady concepts like the nature of reality, logical evolution, and how dragons are totally wicked sweet, Eng's book is a tour-de-force of barely-constrained fetishism, and an observant reader can imagine precisely when Eng's hands left the keyboard to begin frenetically masturbating over his own furious fantasies of being a mighty scaled warlord and totally slaughtering tons of humans. Basically what you wind up with is a fantasy novel as penned by your average MySpace user; disjointed, full of ridiculous concepts and pseudo-intellectual rhetoric, all wrapped up in a tight bundle of self-righteousness and topped off with a delicious cherry of incoherence. I've seen heavy metal album covers that had more substance. -hx's his "Yellow Skull Organization".;

yeah...probably not a good idea to call your Asian Supremecist Society "Yellow" anything. i can picture the society's crest; a Yellow Skull complete with a fu manchu, buck teeth, a Rayden hat, squinty eyes behind a pair of black rim glasses...sitting atop a pile of rice in front of a gong.

anyway...the group, which is headed by the guy who wrote the book about robot dragons controlling the universe, wants to "finally make those big-eyed fuckers suffer. ." preferably with a Pink Mega-Buster that shoots sword wielding smoke-monsters at you.

suddenly William L. Pierce is looking less like a dummy. the Turner Diaries is a ludicrious piece of hateful paranoid sub-literacy, but at least Pierce didn't use PINK ROBOT DRAGONS WITH MEGA BUSTERS to prove his philosophical and political points. at least that moron attempted to have some tact. Eng is just a delusional blowhard who thinks Spider-Man is real.

i feel stupid for giving this clown-shoes any more attention, but whatever.

Lord of the Rings COULD HAPPEN.

NP: Oxbow - an Evil Heat

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