Friday, April 20, 2007

MP3 reviews from 2 of my 3 most anticipated releases of the summer (the third being Oxbow's the Narcotic Story, to which they have yet to release a sneak peak);

band: Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
album: In Glorious Times
track: "Helpless Corpse Enactment"
consensus: love it. has that amazingly warm and heavy tone that's unique to them. pretty much a perfect example of what makes SGM such an awe-inspiring band. the structure of the song is that mega-bizzare fact it may be the most metal song SGM has ever done, while still retaining the haunted gypsy quality that's prevelant in all their material. Carla sounds ghostly and gorgeous on the track, the male vocals sounds venomous, and the instrumentation/production is thunderous.

band: Pig Destroyer
album: Phantom Limb
track: "Loathsome"
consensous: seems to pick up where Terrifyer was headed. much more of strong crossover-thrash element, with a really compelling arrangment that gives it a really cryptic edge that compliments the increasing strangeness of their material. GREAT breakdown around the 2 minute mark which bleeds into a very creepy metal riff with JR ghostly shouting "This is My Escape Art". drums are very unique. riffs are awesome. vocals sound more organic than previous releases. sounds to me like PxDx delivered what they promised; a strange-ass metal record.

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