Wednesday, April 18, 2007

level the middle ground and all you have is the two sure things

so April has not only been sucking cock, but tractor-pulling cock. diseased cocks. with warts and tatoos of bearded dragons roped around the shaft and prince alberts that leave the head infected, purple and puffy.

every shitty fucking thing that could fucking happen has fucking happened. don't even wanna mention them. the only highlights have been Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters, all the porn a cable modem can d/l, and seeing Rwake and Made out of Babies at Midway this past Monday. speaking of MOOB; Julie Christmas is one of the best frontpeople i've ever seen. even drunk off her cute behind, she sounded like revenge of the raped. Wounded but ready for fucking war. the band was loud and furious as well.

as you can tell, this whole Virgin(ia) Tech Massacre has enveloped almost all my attention. i'm glad i'm not in school anymore, cause if i know people (and fuck you i do), i would've had more eyes on me than tits in a prison. it happened w/ Columbine when i was in high school and i know it would've happened at Hofstra. i'd like to think my cryptic ramblings had a bit more merit than the rambling of the latest I'm-About-To-BREAK-ite to strike fear into the hearts of the normals, but what do i know? i'm a quiet loner who likes fucked up shit.

i guess the difference between me and these people is that i can fucking laugh about most of this shit. yeah, i can overwhelmed and flip out...but for the most part i'm pretty regular. despite my best efforts or best intentions or best judgements... i'm not really a danger to anyone. i'm a little pussy-bitch with some morbid fascnations and a sardonic world view. dime a fuck dozen.

well...May should prove somewhat better. Communion's got a nice weekend of shows coming up. LORAZEPANZRAM is making it's debut (for the audience and themselves), i got the MDF over the Memorial Day weekend, Venom is making his big screen debut which should satisfy the drooling ten year old inside of me (as for the drooling ten year old I am inside of....that remains to be seen), and by the end of May/June there will be new albums from Oxbow, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, and Pig Destroyer.

and also i didn't get shot, so that's a plus.

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