Sunday, June 10, 2007

Breakfast-Farts vol. 5

as a product of "a generation raised by women", we more often than not forget how to be "real" men. here are our reminders;

so there you have it; real men hang around in swamps filled with demon-lizards and cannibal crabs (umm..wouldn't that be crabs that eat other crabs? and if so, why fight them? they'll just kill each other and then we can take what's left of their illustrious crab-civilization for ourselves). also we are only fit to marry virgins aka young girls aka CHILDREN, which means that, despite our tendency to protect buxom blonds in wet torn up attire from hellion crawlers, we're pedophiles. oh and there is also a conspiracy against men who visit hookers.

i've learned much from the much-men. time to go fight me some flesh eating crabs.

oh i get it...CRABS! it's sexual! wowsers.

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