Friday, June 1, 2007

I Dunno, Just a Thought vol. 8

(the threat is real)

Amanda Palmer plays "Creep"

as i watch and listen to this footage, where Dresden Dolls frontwoman Ms. Palmer appears to be walking across tables, playfully singing a Radiohead tune to an adoring crowd, my place as a fan of work becomes abundantly clear.

i am to Amanda Palmer what that fat guy in red facepaint was to Bjork.

i am an intense admirer of her work...a big fan...but as i listen to the cat calls of Palmer friends i realize that these people would reject me. they would say i wasn't good enough to be a fan, let alone a friend to her. i'm not trendy enough or good looking enough. i don't have a depression you can sing along with. it's not enough that some of her songs break my heart in ways that make me come back for more...i'm the face whose nose is smudging the window. the guy who might send you a letter bomb. the guy whose life is like watching someone else vomit.

i've imagined all the meeting, her telling me that my stuff makes her doing some showing up on her doorstep, dressed as her, greasepaint smeared from the rain, forcing a waltz to her version of DCFC's "I Will Follow You Into the Dark". making the "wallflowers" wilt under our gore.

i dunno...just a thought.

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