Friday, June 8, 2007

Pizza of the Butt vol. 1

NP: The START - Gorgeous

this day went by pretty quickly. gloomy, soupy day outside. woke up later than usual to find not only the new Sleepytime Gorilla Museum in the mailbox, but also a package of 22 promo cd for review. already did 5 of them.

the good;

SGM - In Glorious Times
PSYOPUS - Our Puzzling Encounters Considered

the bad;

MAN MUST DIE - The Human Condition
LENG TCH'E - Marasmus

the unspeakably hideously shit-god awful;

TUB RING - the Great Filter

tonight on Sundance there's a double feature; Vampyros Lesbos and Vital (take that, IFC's Grind House AND Turner Movie Classics' Underground), i just ate half a pizza pie, and now there is cheese in my butt. started writing another new song entitled "HELLION CRAWLER".

all in all, an awesome day.

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