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NP: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Sealings

I am writing to ask if you'd be interested in publishing a book I am writing involving the VA Tech Shooting. Entitled "Why I Hate Everything", it is based on what Asians in this country really believe. It defends Seung-Hui Cho by outlining very harshly that he was the real victim.

Originally, this book was about the national controversy I created two months ago with my article "Why I Hate Blacks". This was the last in a series of articles I published in AsianWeek newspaper describing why I as an Asian hate whites, America, conformity, etc. It made national headlines, and was featured on FOX News:

I have also released a statement that got published yesterday about my support for the VA Tech shooter:,hilliard,76520,2.html

The journalist quoted me out of context (for example, I only "stalked" a girl because she was rude to me and I intentionally wanted to creep her out). But it captures what I truly believe about the VA Tech Shooter.

I know that Asians don't really have much of a voice because no one really gives a damn about us. However, with the attention that brave Mr. Cho generated, I think people will listen now. I personally felt like Mr. Cho echoed a lot of what I have said and felt. Asians are suffering in this country. We need to fight.

What's in it for you? Imagine having the ONLY manuscript that defends the VA Tech Shooter. People will be talking about this for 6 months, and I'm sure there will be a multitude of books filled with sympathy for the people who were gunned down. But my book shows the other side of the story -- likely it will be the one book that does so. And my publicity with the "Why I Hate Blacks" article and the Village Voice article that came out today certainly helps.

The book is divided into chapters entitled "Why I Hate (something)". They will involve descriptions of why Asians should hate certain things and how we are violated in the US. Occasionally, I will use personal anecdotes (proof of which I have, to prevent another James Frey) about my many physical and verbal fights with whites and blacks. The writing style will be slightly comedic (who wants to read a 300-page rant without humor?). It won't just be a boring textbook-style outline of historical events. It will be a Bill Maherish bashing.

If you are interested, I can send you over a synopsis and a sample chapter. Thanks for your time.

Kenneth Eng, novelist

hey. remember that blog i did about Kenneth Eng?

look whose been busy;

May 23:
Kenneth Eng Is Behind Bars
Is Kenneth Eng finally learning the difference between good attention and bad attention? The Village Voice reports that everyone's favorite Asian supremacist (who was so upset that the kid at Virginia Tech pulled off a violent bloodbath before he could), is currently a guest of the city. It seems that the recent Voice profile of the attention-seeking massacrist manqué brought Eng to the attention of the NYPD, which found that just two days before the article appeared, on April 30, Eng had allegedly threatened to kill neighbor Marissa Addison and her mother in front of their Fresh Meadows home. According to police, Eng told her, "If your dog bites me I will kill you and your family," and then swung a hammer at one of Addison's two dogs and at her mother, missing her by inches. Eng was arrested May 11th on a variety of charges and is being held without bail. A psychiatric evaluation is pending. We're not sure how this is all going to play out, but we'd bet even money that Eng's journals are going to be at least as entertaining as Peter Braunstein's.

Aug 10:
Kenneth Eng Pleads Out, Gets Arrested Again
When we last caught up with wacky Asian supremacist Kenneth Eng, he was spending some time in a city facility on assault charges. How'd that work out? Eng, 24, pleaded guilty in Queens Supreme Court to charges of harassment and attempted assault for threatening neighbors with a hammer last May. He was sentenced to 12 months of daily psychotherapy, said his lawyer, Joel Dranove. But Eng arrived at home to find the feds waiting to bust him on a sealed complaint. Oh, those Asians... always overachieving.

Aug 13:
Add Jews To Wacky Asian Racist Kenneth Eng's List Of Hatred
On Friday, re-arrested Asian supremacist Kenneth Eng made bail to the tune of $500,000. Eng faces federal charges for repeatedly threatening a fellow N.Y.U. film student over the phone. Fortunately for all of us, the repercussions for these threats gave Eng a chance to consider the place of the Jews in his Big Book Of Spite. The warrant says Eng was kicked out of his film class in 2003 after impugning a classmate's work and calling her a "Negro." The professor and several other students told Eng that his comments were inappropriate, leading to his ouster. In response, Eng wrote to the teacher: "I was recently pondering whether I should continue to think of Jews as equals, but I think your actions have made up my mind. Good day." You know, we've been pondering the same issue. We think we're gonna have to take the other side on this one.

yup... still an idiot.

where's your pink robo-dragon with the mega-buster now?

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