Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fuck YOUR Life vol. 4

this is Jeff Dunham. he has a top rated show on Comedy Central.

seriously... fuck this guy.

let's forget that ventriloquism exists somewhere between miming and karaoke in terms of severely annoying socially reprehensible behavior vaguely masquerading as a creative activity. let's forget that if Dunahm's "characters" (Ackmed the Terrorist! the Old Man who hates everything! the drunk redneck!) were any more broadly drawn and stereotypical Helen Keller would be able to call him on his hackitude. Lets forget that enough people are watching this garbage that it was the channel's most watched debut of all time.

actually... let's not forget. let's sit on these facts... run them over and over again in our minds until blood shoots from our nose ala DRAG ME TO HELL. until our fingernails violently retract into our hands, up our arms, and into our lungs, slicing our muscles like deli meats. until we vomit until the vomit is us. only then will i begin to understand the popularity of Jeff Dunham.

Fuck YOUR Life.


emanonguy said...

Indeed, sir. One of my best friends, the only one I've known since elementary school in fact, is a fucking big Dung-ham fan. Now I give him some slack because he's always been an ADD riddled intelligent dipshit like me, and unlike me not nearly exposed to as much culture and art. And I still want to fucking kill him. Where'd you get the reference for Dunham being their highest rated premier ever? Because those people should be hunted for sport. How the fuck that channel stays on the air solely on the strengths of two or three good shows is beyond me.

Fuck your life too man. Fuck it right in it's stupid bloody asshole of Dunham loving, fapping retards.

Nick said...

I just heard his show got canceled. officially the best year ever.

yerktoader said...

I dunno man, '09 was pretty shitty for a lot of people and there is plenty of god awful television left to slaughter. I just read your latest post, and I must say if I didn't waste so much time with useless crap I'd comment more. I'm not at the same level/place you're at but I'm staring down that same place. Trying my best not to lose my shit, doing alright I guess. Hope your doing as well enough as one can.

Happy new year and shit. :D