Friday, January 29, 2010

Brainmares vol. 11

a modified special ed bus arrives to pick me up. Three women are inside. The bus breaks down and as two of the three inspect the problem, the youngest of said three disrobes, revealing a tattoo of a pacemaker zipper that runs the length of her sternum. she lies on her back and i fuck her next to the smoking vehicle.

I'm brought to a dark room by the antagonist from Silent Night, Deadly Night. there is an open casket filled with the charred skeletal remains of an old woman. twin tarantulas crawl out from under the casket. He tells me to get up on a chair, since i am barefoot and will be more susceptible to the spider bites (or something). I catch a glimpse of one of the spiders up close. it has big blue diamond eyes. I watch it get stabbed in the brain with a broken pool que. it howls a very human howl, vomiting up a pile of wet grey/brown chicken bones before retreating into the shadows.

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