Friday, January 15, 2010

Fuck YOUR Life vol. 5

Jay Leno.... a fucking asshole.


emanonguy said...

Uncle Bill is pretty much my idol, and one of my favorite if not favorite comedian.

Been watching this train wreck via Google news, and I must say it's hysterical. I don't know what the fuck they were thinking sending Leno to "primetime", but I didn't know 10pm was primetime. Either way, it sounded like a bad idea from the get go, and I don't need a college degree to see it.

And while I appreciate Conan's stance, I'm not too sure it really matters to anyone but the older crowd. I suppose the show would have suffered at a later slot, though O'Brian's fans might have been enough to keep it afloat...And still, what would it change?

As for Leno, I guess it's easiest to write him off as an asshole. I know he does a lot for automotive history, and as a car guy and son of a car guy I do appreciate that....And I even find his humor funny sometimes. But in light of recent events and looking back at his history however, it does seem like he's gone(and probably been gone a long time now) the way of Letterman, raging ego and all.

Either way I don't follow late night TV nor the drama of Hollywood. Letterman hasn't been nearly as funny as he was in the old days, and while Conan and Jimmy are affable and possibly easier to relate to, none of these guys have ever cracked a joke that I've heard in the same realm of funny as Bill Hicks, let alone same galaxy.

I miss Bill. And I know it's easy to say things like that, especially on the interwebs. But from the bottom of my heart, I really miss him even if I never met him and didn't really know of him before he died.

Only the good die young, I guess.

Nick said...

Broadcast Television is (to borrow a phrase from Alan Moore's Watchmen) an abattoir full of retarded children. Conan will come out on top in all of this no matter the outcome, as he is more likable (not to mention infinity funnier) than Leno ever was. I'm just sitting back and enjoying the view of exploding buildings filled with burning suits.

Henry Rollins said it best about Hicks; "He was right about everything".