Monday, January 25, 2010

NERRRRRRRRD!!!!! vol. 17

my earliest childhood memories are of my obsession with Masters of the Universe, the multi-media juggernaut that sprang from the toy-line and reached into comics, cartoons, and (less successfully) movies and video games. countless afternoons were spent dumping plastic bins of Eternia's flotsam across my bedroom floor and staging epic battles for the fate of the Galaxy. Skeletor (and occasionally Hordak) would usually win the day, plunging the universe into totally bad ass horror and darkness. but i digress.

My love for this franchise remains to this day. It's just a perfect mix of fantasy, sci-fi, comic books, supernatural horror, bad-ass character designs, hilarious homoerotic overtones (FISTO! RAM MAN!) and if you look close enough, socio-economic commentary on the human condition.



evidently in California there was a art show dedicated to my cherished childhood obsession. here's some of the pieces;

and just to illustrate; this is without a doubt the raddest creation ever;

Skeletor with a Danzig Breastplate, a Motorhead visage, and a COC staff. (thought it was a Voivod staff, but i was wrong. fucking POSER.)


oh and this;

redefines the term "Awwwwwwwwww Yeah".


big ups to I-Mockery for these incredible pictures.


emanonguy said...

I always remember being jealous of my friends who got Transformers and GI Joes, but my parents insisted(and still do) I liked He Man better. Still got a bunch of toys.

1)The Playgirl Skeletor and BFF are fuckin hilarious.

2)Skeletor up in this motherfucker.

Nick said...

G.I. Joes: i was totally into the characters (comics and the cartoon), but i always thought the figures were pretty weak. too damn small and fragile. the vehicles were pretty amazing though. Transformers was the same deal. i thought they were OK, but i didn't really have much of an interest in them. MOTU and Thundercats were my top 2.

emanonguy said...

Thundercats are pretty rad, indeed. That's my wife's favorite. And I think the vehicles were pretty rad on most of them, but I ALWAYS coveted that Joe aircraft carrier. I knew ONE kid who had one, so that probably says something.

jay78 said...

I love this, and wish that I could have some of those paintings for myself...and it wouldn't even be a 'guilty' collection. I never got into G.I. Joe, and Transformers fell apart. He-Man was tops, and besides, Castle Greyskull was by far the baddest action figures accessory ever.

I'm pretty certain that the 'Voivod staff' Heavy Metal Skeletor sports is actually a Corrosion of Conformity staff.

Nick said...

whoops my bust.

it should be a voivod staff.

Nick said...
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