Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fuck YOUR Life vol. 11

this is the Plasmatics on tv in 1981;

this is Lady Gaga trying to be the Plasmatics in 1981 in 2010.... and failing fucking hard.

also it's hilarious how the celeb-obsessed masturbation packs of the "blogosphere" are so eager to nail their action figures to the cross that they'll blow a minor flub up out of proportion in hopes that the hissing mincing masses of the e-...tabloid hive-mind's subconscious sewer will ready to arms and pounce on their false idols at once in a scatological-of-the-mind gorgy that would make Herman Nitsch turn away in revulsion.

These fucking idiots should be offended by Lady Gaga's bold lack of creativity and tasteless theft of artists who were truly confrontational and cathartic, whose visual and aural representations of themselves served to enhance each other, the mind that bore them, and the people who simultaneously witness and experience the work. That's something you can't find in Gaga's artistically/intellectually crippled odes to telephones and cock.


Aaron said...

I could give a fuck less about Lady Gaga. She isn't doing anything that Wendy O. and a lot of other artists haven't done way before her, but yet people are praising her for her creativity and originality and controversial style. Popular culture is so fickle that in a couple of years from now, no one will remember who Lady Gaga is, just like every other fucking flash in the pan pop artist that comes along. Ugh.

Nick said...


seriously... fuck this thief. if you're going to be an thief, at least own up to it and don't act as if you've re-invented pop-fashion when all you've done is made real art anorexic.


can you really call this a "mash-up" if Gags' song already copied AOB's tune note-for-note to begin with?