Sunday, August 15, 2010

We are the Sprocket Holes vol. 158


LONG KHONG 2 a.k.a. ART OF THE DEVIL 3 - needles holding open your eyes/voodoo abortion :

AOTD 2 was one of the grisliest, most deliciously unpleasant films to come from the continent of Asia. AOTD 3 makes it look like Romona and Beezus. Perverse, misanthropic, and sadistic beyond most realms of possibility.

EX-DRUMMER - 8.5/10:

If a Jesus Lizard album was turned into a slasher movie, it would be EX-DRUMMER. Fun, violent, experimental, occasionally surreal, often pornographic... everything good punk rock should be.

TONY- 8/10:

An unemployed social retard collects action films on VHS and murders some dudes. The film drops you right into the middle of the characters bleak existence, offering little in the way of a past or a future. its all in this moment. very interesting character study. put it alongside Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Angst, and other minimalist meditations on brutality and isolation.

SMASH CUT - 8/10

Fun and bloody homage to Hershel Gordon Lewis, the original "splatter" director. The only thing that the film needed was to look more like a HGL film in terms of cinematography. it nailed everything else from the performances to the FX to the way actors are framed in the shots, but the look of the film was a touch too contemporary. still it looked like everyone was having a ball with this, and its nice to see David Hess in something watchable again.


Really not seeing what is so mindblowing about this. sure it has its rough moments involving rape and Nazis and goth kids and etc, but when you take away that stuff its no different than any movie Ashely Judd did in the 90s. It's a foreign film for people who don't watch foreign films so they can act like their hot shit because they watched something with subtitles. boring, unoriginal, and kind of a dick about it.

THE WAYWARD CLOUD - boingoingoingoing/oingoingoingoing

Insanely sexy and sexually insane... and mind-fuck with an emphasis on the "Fuck". who wants some watermelon?

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Aaron said...

I liked DRAGON TATTOO a lot, but there are a lot of "meh" reviews of it out there also. I thought the story was interesting, but then again I like murder mysteries so... *shrugs* I'm a sucker for a good rape scene too.