Sunday, August 29, 2010

Not that I'm Bitter or Anything vol. 5

consider me on the Janelle Monae bandwagon. the ArchAndroid puts the last decade and 1/2 of pop music in its place, saving us from the Titney Spearses and the Ladyboi Gagas that have turned music into the kind of idiot parade whose rape of taste and intellect borders on pornographic snuff. I think what i like most about her is the fact that while she takes from a dizzying array of sources both conceptually and musically (Michael Jackson, Fritz Lang, Klaus Nomi, James Brown, Stereolab, Outkast, Bowie), it's all done in such a tasteful, artful fashion that it becomes its own entity; paying respect to the past and taking the past to new and exciting places, never becoming overwhelmed by its influences. In a perfect world "Tightrope" would've been the song of the summer heard in Best Buys 'round the country and Katy Perry's execrable borefest "Cahl-Eh-Four-Nya Guhrls" would've wallowed in dank obscurity, wading in a puddle of piss like the tattered sundress of a missing child.

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