Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Not that I'm Bitter, or Anything vol. 7

my new favorite person is JUSTICE YELDHAM. just when you think you've gone as far as you can go with fucked up noise, here comes a dude who uses big shards of broken glass like John Popper uses a harmonica.... pretending its a cheeseburger. HI-OH 1995 pop-culture reference.

tried to watch the screener of Serbian Film, but got overwhelmed with all the text in front of me. subtitles, the word "SCREENER" in the right-hand corner, an "X" below it, with the phrase "PROPERTY OF FUCK YOUR D/LING GOLDBRICKING WANNABE CINEPHILE ASS FILMS INC" flashing every 30 seconds. I'll wait for the DVD.

"oh but no one will release it cause it's SO FUCKED UP".

get fucking real, clownsweat. you ever take a look at some of the films Unearthed has released? or Synapse? howzabout mother fucking Media Blasters, betch? I'm just saying DVD is like international waters; anything goes. Yeah you may not find it next to Toy Story 3 at Wal-Mart, but drop the drama already. christ, i thought horror fans were supposed to have balls. I already love this movie cause it's making people cry. I really thought we were past this whole "have we gone too far?" nonsense already. I just watched Black Sun: the Nanking Massacre, where a pregnant woman's stomach was sliced open with a bayonet and the fullgrown baby then pulled out on the blade and dangled in front of her screaming face.

i have no follow-up, i just loved typing that out.

i'm gonna try once more to get my copy of Tinto Brass' the Howl to work on my DVD player.

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