Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Not that I'm Bitter or Anything vol. 11

split shift again. till closing last night. went in this morning. going back till closing. back in tomorrow morning. been sick for five days. brain is forked. been too quiet. hear from no one. everyone's ill. nobody has anything. dead time. all of us run down. the Music Choice Metal Channel is reserved for douchebags, scumholes, pissbuckets, and cumsacks. the new WOE album is excellent. the new VIRUS and NOISEAR too. need the SLOGUN. might be seeing Peter Sotos do a reading this coming Saturday. we'll see. been blowing off and blown off for much of the season. too cold. too bored. too sick. too tired. writing slowed down again. don't know if i hate the show Face/Off or not. blech. everyone says "Fuck My Life" now. trendy cunts. you ruin everything. fuck your life indeed.

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