Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We Are the Sprocket Holes vol. 182

i know i bitch endlessly about how vapid and idiotic big budget films have gotten, and Zack Snyder has been a frequent target for my bile... but damn my ass to fuck-all, this looks even more fun than it looks.

ladies and mens, i give you the Id of a 13 year old boy;

sure, it makes TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN look subtle and understated, but i kind of like that it's so shameless that it becomes almost earnest in its bombast. Just jailbait, nazis, machine guns, robots, nazi jailbait, robot nazis, dragons, machine guns, robot dragons, swords, nazi dragons, gasmask zombies, machine guns, sword wielding nazi jailbait, robot dragons with machine guns. and i think there was a Samurai Golem with a Gatling Gun in there.


a good friend of mine made a solid point; it's no more ridiculous than the Sushi Typhoon titles that have saturated the Asian Cult Film market for low these 3 years... just Americanized and with a budget. seriously... if a major studio bankrolled Robo-Geisha, it would look like Sucker Punch.

oh yeah and this;


A.D. said...

I'll probably catch this one on DVD with low expectations. Someone summed this movie up perfectly by comparing it to a Family Guy joke: "Remember the time the girl in the short skirt fought the twelve-foot tall samurai with the gatlin gun?"

Nick said...

and when i first heard that Silversun Pickups song last year i knew it would be used in a movie like this. total staring-through-the-top-of-eyelids-as-i-cock-2-giant-machine-guns-and-open-fire-on-mutant-ninjas-in-slo-mo music.