Sunday, May 20, 2007

The History and Future of Post-Blues

OXBOW's the Narcotic Story

"Down a Stair Backward" is officially the song of the year. Badder than the Baddest of the Bad Seeds. everything that's ever been a poison resides within these tracks. Deep. Dense. Dark. Depressing. Depressed. Depressive. an Invitation to being Alienated. A kiss blown from a beautiful girl slouched in a corner of a roach-ridden motel, a filthy red dress hiked just above where her scissor-sliced fishnets end. she has two black eyes, mascara goes down her cheeks in crooked purple streams, her front tooth is hanging from her death-rattle smile by a single nerve ending, dark roots are threatening to overtake what's left of her bleached hair, and track marks run down her arms like scab-constellations across a vampire-white sky. "She's a Find".

indeed she is.

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