Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I Dunno, Just a Thought vol. 1

for some reason i've been listening to Mudvayne a lot lately.

despite the stupid-ass misspelled name, saturday morning evil image, and the often childishly disaffected lyrics, the band is actually pretty tight. solid rhythm section, decent guitar work, strong vocals. even when the first album came out...where they were automatically compared to Slipknot, i knew from hearing "Death Blooms" and "Dig" that they were an infinitely more interesting band than Slipknot. the song structures reminded me of Acid Bath (not as good of course). the two albums that have come out since than prove they have surpassed their "peers" that reside on the heavier/more evolved side of Nu-Metal (Nothingface, Cold, Slipknot, Kittie). if they dumped all the mallcore baggage and brought their imagery and lyrics up to the same code they've brought their music, they'd be perfect. to bad that's what probably made them sell so many records.

i dunno, just a thought.

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