Thursday, May 3, 2007

I Dunno, Just a Thought vol. 3

this is Nora Zehetner....and she could be the most beautiful woman i have ever seen.

more than simply that, she may very well be the physical manifestation of everything i find desirable in the opposite sex compressed into one being, transcending any idea i've ever had about what makes a gorgeous female, thereby reinventing it. no online pic can do her justice. you have to see her have to hear her voice...she makes me melt.

last night i saw her in Brick. in her first scene she was wearing a magnificent red silk dress...sort of like what Kirsten Dunst wore in the first Spider-Man movie. Dunst wishes she looked this heavenly. if Peter Parker would've saw how much better Nora wore the gown, he would've let MJ drop to her death.

and that was it. i was hers for an hour and 45 minutes. when she wasn't on the screen, all i could do was wait breathlessly for her next scene, perking up at the mere mention of her character's name. at the end of the movie, when she and the protagonist are face to face, their lips inches away, i could only applaud the actor's (Joseph Gordon Levitt) restraint. to be literally a tongue's lash away from tasting complete perfection and not exploit the advantage...i can't decide on whether to champion your strength or question your heterosexuality. but i digress.

as i eased into sleep later that night, she's lying next to me, her thin arm draped over my chest, her head resting on my shoulder as those incredible eyes look up at me and she smiles. i kiss her forehead. she gently closes her eyes and snuggles closer into me.

i dunno....just a thought.

NP: Smashing Pumpkins - Perfect.

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