Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Dunno, Just a Thought vol.6

so the cartoon Bratz is now a live-action film.


for those who don't know, Bratz is a saturday morning cartoon about CGI-animated high school girls with big heads (figuratively and literally) who dress like Hip Hop videos and talk about boys and shopping and so forth. like any good saturday morning show, it is little more than an extended commercial for the Bratz line of dolls.

simply put; Bratz is the reason your little girl is a cunt.

Bratz is the reason your little girl thinks she's a VIP wherever she goes.

Bratz is the reason your little girl is going to grow up to be a vacuous ninny whose only goal in life is to take pride in being a vacuous ninny.

Bratz is the reason your little boy is going to be an emotionally damaged heart broken sexual predator by the time he enters middle school.

Bratz is the reason your little girl is going to get knocked up...and Bratz is the reason she's going to leave on the doorstep in the back of Chinese restaurant @ 2 am Prom Night.

Bratz is the reason your little girl will someday wind up as little more than a tattered leopard-print tube top, wading in a mud puddle on the side of a deserted road or draped over a dumpster in a poorly-lit alley on the bad side of town.

Bratz is the death of all existing generation and all generation to come.

it reminds me of the underrated film In the Mouth of Madness, where a popular horror author's book is so powerful that anyone who reads it is driven to delirium.

"what about those who don't read?" one man asks.

Sam Neil replies;

"....there's a movie."

so you see....you can't escape it now. Bratz will be everywhere...creating selfish twits on every shore...pitting man against his brother....until man exists no more.

I dunno... Just a Thought.

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