Monday, January 17, 2011

Fuck YOUR Life vol. the 13th part 586978090484: Jason Makes it Rain

Did Ricky Gervais go too far at the Golden Globes?

the fact that anyone cares about this is enough to enforce mandatory ritual suicide on a global level. yeah, i'm beside myself with appall because an insult comic took a bunch of smug over-privileged hyper-sensitive overpaid pampered buffys down a few pegs on a public forum that is itself little more than a cynical joke in the eyes of those it rewards. how will they ever recover? oh right... with all the money they "earned" producing unwatchable garbage that serves no purpose beyond reminding everyday people that their lives are shit and the only joy they can obtain is by watching beautiful millionaires play make believe.

look i love films and tv shows and etc., and i appreciate and respect the talents of those involved, but jesus, its not like he's mocking children with cancer or flood victims or something... he's calling out TOM CRUISE and JOHN TRAVOLTA for being SECRET GAYS. He made fun of the Tourist; a near-universally panned box office flop that relied solely on the on-the-decline sex appeal of its two main stars rather then being something interesting. He took a crack at Tim Allen, a man who spent ten years making ape noises on a Disney-owned sitcom, who now sits around and waits for sequels of Toy Story and the Santa Clause to happen while he collects residual checks from Nick at Nite for his awful TV show. my god how dare Gervais commit such atrocities.

get over yourselves.... through self-murder.

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