Sunday, January 30, 2011

We are the Sprocket Holes vol. 179



a No-Wave Forest Gump. Weird and perverse, yet heart warming and inspiring.


while being respectful and mature when dealing with its subject matter; an S&M relationship, the film is almost too understanding... to the point where it becomes little more than another bland romance. by the third act it has completely abandoned the concepts it only ever teased to embrace, leaving us with something even the most vanilla of us would find underwhelming.

SINGAPORE SLING - boner/time:

... now THIS is how you do perversity. a gorgeously photographed eros-shattering wet fever dream that comes (and comes... and comes.... and comes) off the screen. it doesn't dare you to become aroused, it forces you. trust me... you've never seen anything like this. even if you have, you haven't.


a touch overlong, but there are some really amazing moments as far as visuals and technical aspects. really incredible camera work and cinematography and an OCD level of attention to detail. Some of the acting is a bit spotty when it comes to the more melodramatic parts, but the little girl was pretty damn convincing. It's not so much an "assault" like I Stand Alone or Irreversible, though it does have some rough moments... but they're more somber and defeating than brutal and confrontational. lotta naked ladies, too. and "Hamburger Lady" by Throbbing Gristle can be heard during some of the club scenes.


Comedic Gorerotica from the man behind BASKET CASE. Great for a party.

BEST WORST MOVIE - A Double Decker Bologna Sandwich! / Oh My Gaaaaaaaaaaaahd! :

The smile i had on my face while watching this had to be surgically removed. I first saw TROLL 2 on Cinemax when i was 11. It was the first bad movie i saw that i immediately recognized as a bad movie, and it was fantasterastic. This documentary, made by the actor who played Joshua in the film, serves as a retrospective, a reunion, and a love letter to one of the most memorable shit movies ever made. Watch TROLL 2 right now, because even though it's the worst movie ever made, its still better than whatever the hell is out in theaters right now.

DEAR MR. GACY - 8/10:

A dramatic retelling of the late Jason Moss' Last Victim, detailing his correspondence with several noted murderers, most notably John Wayne Gacy. William Forsythe plays Gacy with a grand attention to all of his layers; the politician, the pervert, the sadist, the businessman, and the "victim". the actor playing Moss also does well, mirroring the metamorphosis of his own psyche as he gets deeper into not only Gacy sordid world, but his own bleak prurience.

CLASH OF THE TITANS 2010 - fucking awful/awfully fucked:

from Ray Harryhausen to McFarlane Toys. and i like how every dude in the movie had long mangy hair/full unkempt beards and Perseus had a perfectly symmetrical to-the-skin buzzcut with just the right amount of stubble. they invented homosexuality, but this is no doubt the gayest thing to ever be attached to Greece.

RAMPAGE - 3/10:

Falling Down as re-imagined by Rockstar Games and Four Loko. thinks it's saying something deep about a "forgotten" segment of the population (aka young white video game addicts) when really it's just an empty fantasy about killing women cause they won't fuck you. it's totally the movie for people who thought Falling Down and Taxi Driver "sucked" because they had more going on than just random killing after random killing. i'm not opposed to that or anything, but don't try and think it says anything other than "oooo WAH-AH-AH-AH!". at least the Virgina Tech Killer wrote bad poetry and talked like Marlee Matlin.

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