Monday, January 24, 2011

POST 666

.....drafted by tissue before the bugs the BUGS can tatatatatatatatatatat Morse code like sexual assault on your twin sister... only she really can understand it.

....."just because i don't dress like Halloween doesn't mean you won't see me in your nightmares." scrape a fork lightly on the roof of your mouth. imagine its vaginal rinds.....

"?suoires a m'i ees uoy nac .era lla ew srueyov tahw swonk eh esuaceb dna flesmih rof seid rytram sisehtitna laer eht ...t'nsi ti msinataS ."

- anonymous proverd.

.....digging is soft acts on burn jobs. this might remind you of the last time you read the lunatic as religion and thought it somehow less than your frailty.

"Satanism it isn't... the real antithesis martyr dies for himself and because he knows what voyeurs we all are. can you see i'm a serious?"

- Proverb Anonymous.


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