Thursday, January 20, 2011

NERRRRRRD!!!! vol. 28

Press Release: Hathaway is Selina, Hardy is Bane

Well color me a little shocked.

not at the inclusion of Catwoman, who aside from the Joker and Batman himself is perhaps one of the first characters one thinks of when Batman is mentioned. plus the idea of wholesome Hathaway lashing the whip while clad head-too-toe in shiny black vinyl is very enticing. she played against type very well in Havoc, so i'm looking forward to what exactly the young lady will bring to the table.

besides.... anything will be better then this;

and now for BANE;

As soon as i heard Tom Hardy was in the movie, i was pumped (no pun intended). i almost didn't care who he played, because there really are a number of characters he can do; Hugo Strange, Black Mask, a young Harvey Bullock, but i didn't see Bane coming.

Bane is character that Nolan and co. can change almost entirely and it would no doubt be an improvement. He's a great character visually; a hulking demon wrestler with tubes connected to his skull that pump muscle altering bile throughout his system, but beyond the image and the gimmick he has little going for him. the Vengeance of Bane was very good, and early on he was a very menacing schemer, but eventually he became Doomsday with a vocabulary; a personality deficient lummox. it doesn't help matters that Bane was featured prominently in Joel Shumacher's neon hyrda enema known as Batman and Robin as Poison Ivy's fat vomit skinned radiator faced protector, grunting one word sentences that made Lou Ferrigno look like Carl Sagan.

So yeah, there really isn't anywhere to go but up. Maybe pull an Ivan Vanko from Iron Man 2 and make Bane more or less a composite of some other lesser-known rouges like Wrath, Night Scourge, Lock-Up, the KGBeast etc. and turn him into the Dark Knight's roided-out opposite number. perhaps make him a member of the League of Shadows... Talia's bodyguard?

whatever happens, i'm very much looking forward to the summer of 2011.

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