Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fuck My Life vol. 4

riiiiight. i'm sure all the singles in my area look and dress like the ejaculation grenade above. seriously... it's like this lovely is some sort of Weird Science creation composed out of every sexual fantasy my scumhole imagination ever invented. she can't possibly exist but within the many sex rooms of my right hemisphere's constantly oozing pleasure zone.

let's break it down;

1. short black skirt? - check
2. flimsily buttoned long sleeve white top? - check
3. thigh-high fuck-me stockings? - check
4. long curly black hair with crecentic bangs? - check
5. a irresistibly sleepy stare that screams "i'm filthier than 10 pounds of dogshit in a five pound bag..... of dogshit"? - check
6. fuck my life? - check

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