Monday, March 16, 2009

Just Needed to Share vol. 30

random post i've made on the Reelapse board;

- i remember all the Marilyn Manson rumors about puppy stomping, rib spreading pedophilic assfuck chains, and so forth. It made me wanna get some of his stuff cause it seemed like the most fucked up shit imaginable.. was pretty disappointing to find that all it was was some dweebs in clown make-up with pantyhose on their arms playing half-baked mall industrial about Willy Wonka and fat girl problems. gay.

- i tend to prefer music, films, etc from out of the country, but that's just because i think most of the stuff from this country is boring and gay, not because i'm having some sort of culture warrior identity crisis. Shinya Tsukamoto is probably my favorite film maker, but that doesn't mean i think i'm Japanese. all my favorite black metal bands are from France, that doesn't mean i think i know the nuances of French culture.

it's not that i wanna be something i'm not, it's just that i hate who i am.

- damn man... now Jarboe is filed under "hipster"? i'm not big on a lot of her solo stuff, but it's not like she's in The Bird and the Bee or anything. also she's got at least a smidgen of credentials to back her up. you make it seem like Zooey Deschanell is doing the guest vocals w/ Cobalt or whatever.

- it'd be nice to have a documentary on underground metal not from Norway, like maybe some of the Finnish funeral doom/death bands but none of those bands stabbed each other or burned things or shot gays in the head, so what would they talk about... music?


- from a thread where some were complaining that Rachel Weisz playing Catwoman in an upcoming Batman sequel would compromise the integrity of the film;

Rachel Wiesz thrashing a long whip while clad head-to-toe in form-fitting black leather.

yeah... that would totally suck.

god some of you are gay.

I guess for some people (we'll call them "morons"), when you say "Catwoman" they think of the execrable Halle Berry movie. I don't think you'll see her (or Riddler or Robin or anyone that obvious) in the next one anyway. I think if any female villains show up in the Nolan films, it'll be Talia Al Ghul (wouldn't mind seeing Weisz in any of those outfits either), if only cause it will tie into Begins.

as for the inevitable third movie; The most i can hope for something that's at least as good as Batman Begins, cause i know it's not going to touch The Dark Knight.

just needed to share.

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