Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fuck My Life vol. 24

Emma Stone...

... is fucking gorgeous.

i don't know what it is exactly about her that i find so entrancing. Mayb'e it's that smoky voice... those incredible eyes... that's she's not afraid to come off like a dweeb. i dunno....

... maybe it's cause she seems like she could probably be your girlfriend. In comparison to someone like say Megan Fox, who just seems completely unattainable. And even if by some insane lapse in destiny you were to find yourself in Ms. Fox's crosshairs, something tells me you still wouldn't register with her. Emma Stone, on the other hand... seems like she would be happy to see you, all ready to give you a warming snuggle after a miserable day of what-have-you. She'd appreciate you more... listen to what you have to say, and have something funny to say in response to make you feel better. Plus when she makes you watch one of her movies, you won't be lying when you say she was great (*coughcough* JONAH HEX ***coughcoughcough**** HOWTOLOSEFRIENDSANDALIENATEPEOPLE **coughcough**).

....Fuck my life.

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