Tuesday, June 8, 2010

They Don't Have a Name for It vol. 15

i REALLY wish IFC would stop showing commercials for mainstream junk like JONAH HEX. I still dig much of IFC's programming (Food Party is the most genuinely adorable show on television), but c'mon. this is the network that weened me with Abel Ferarra films, and now they're shilling WILD WILD WEST 2. This movie will prove that us comic book nerds still shouldn't get too excited about movie adaptations, even if we've had the Dark Knight and so forth.

and oh yeah... GO is not an indie film.

watched the MTV Movie Awards a few nights ago. 15 years ago PULP FICTION won best movie. you know what won this year? TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON. and Christoph Waltz aka the Jew Hunter of INGLORIOUS BASTERDS lost Best Villian to one of the twerps from HARRY POTTER AND THE SNOTRAG OF ASSCANASS or whatever its called. i know these awards are voted on by MTV viewers, and MTV viewers are mostly stupid pre-teen girls with no taste but what their corporate masters dictate they must enjoy, but c'mon man. i now believe that the phrase "faggot" should now be changed from a derogatory remark against homosexual men to a slight against 12 year old white girls from the suburbs, cause really... they are TOTAL FAGGOTS.

oh and the Tom Cruise character from TROPIC THUNDER is officially not funny anymore. it was okay when it was a Harvey Weinstein send-up, but as soon as he started dancing to Ludacris songs the humor went into MEET THE SPARTANS territory and ceased to be amusing. so what do they do? why they bring out the character 2 YEARS LATER to do the same end credits dance routine live on MTV. Now there's a movie based on said overdone character in the works. can't wait.

my new favorite band is TWIN STUMPS. fucking bestial noise rock that womanizes your cerebellum. makes Unsane sound like Justin Bieber.

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