Tuesday, June 8, 2010

NERRRRRRRRRD!!!!! vol. 21

Meet The Face Of The New MORTAL KOMBAT!

umm... holy fucking shit. Reptile as an overgrown Harelquin Baby serial killer? do the words "greatest character reinvention EVER" mean anything to you?

i know this is more than likely just a promo for the new MK game, but fuck it, this already smokes (no pun intended) any live-action adaptation of MK ever produced. I'm totally digging the "real world" version they have going here. somehow it makes it even more disturbing, the fact that these are demented, disfigured humans instead of monsters from another dimension. gives it more of a subterranean horror vibe. If they're smart, they'll make a feature film out of this.



Aaron said...

Holy fuck. Screw the game... they need to make this shit a movie, like ASAP. I'm curious to see how whoever wrote this would re-invent the other characters.

Nick said...

there was an interview w/ the dude who directed this floating around, but i can't find it. This was basically their pitch for a new MK movie. He said their would still be some "mystical" stuff in there, but it would be crazy, violent, and no crazy wire-work fighting. he didn't get specific about what characters he would use (Kabal was mentioned), but he said the film would center on the conflict between Sub-Zero and Scorpion.