Sunday, June 13, 2010

They Don't Have a Name for It vol. 16

yeah another one. sue me. things are are slow all over.

Sarah Palin is the Megan Fox of Politics. she has no real talent or knowledge or even appreciation for her field of work. she's only there because people wanna fuck her.

Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are feuding about something. I don't know what. something about resorting to shocking imagery rather than exploring anything substantial. Take you're pick at which one said that to the other, cause either way you're right.

whatever it is, they should stop. Stop everything, because neither one of them can even begin to capture the hypnagogic pageantry of ZOLA JESUS.

This woman is my new musical crush. so entrancing and rich. Reminds me of the kind of female-driven music i adore ie Cranes, Julee Cruise, Cocteau Twins, some of Siouxie and the Banshees, This Mortal Coil, Rose Kemp, Carla Bozulich, Goldfrapp's first record... but she still has her own thing going. this isn't merely a copy of those groups, but it's something that can being placed on the same shelf.

I can't even being to tell you what a relief it is to hear music like this, when most female singers are sacrificing passion and soul in favor of strategic provocativeness and self consciously adorable awkwardness that's every bit the marketing ploy that their sluttier counterparts exploit. Zola Jesus isn't about any of that. This is pure, honest music... a soul being splayed open before our eyes and ears. Fuck all the cutesy poo quirky "singers" and their too-precocious-to-be-insightful drivel. fuck the faux-fetishists and their bi-curious posturing. fuck Mrs. Trent Reznor.

yeah that's right... this shit is fucking boring. it's so boring that it's drilling a hole in head and scrambling my brains into pink eggs. oh but its Twent Weznor and he did good music 15 years ago, and she's hot... so we love it. oh and way to slap Coil in the face by naming your fuck towel's lame ass vanity project after one of their seminal releases. oh and Kudos once again to Nana Rapeblossom for pointing other stuff out about this awful project.

so yeah... listen to Zola Jesus.

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