Monday, June 14, 2010

It's a Funny World We Live In vol. 7

the worst thing i have ever read.

truly sickening.

i hope these 2 dickless lunatics get skewered at every joint by 3 foot hook swords while shards of plastic from tainted Chinese toys are melted over their eyes. Then douse them in scalding cooking fat and impale them anus first on a 12x12 splinter ridden wooden pillar and drop it from a black hawk helicopter into the heart of an uncharted island populated with mad cannibals and leprous necrophiliacs. then when the natives are finished, whatever pulp of them has been left after the feasting and the rapes will be ground into feed for giant snapping turtles, where it will end up as brine to be gnawed away on oceanic parasite beds, and what was digested by the natives will be shat into volcanoes, spewed into the air, and frozen on sun-scorched ground into ash, which will be blown away by oil drenched hurricane winds, the flakes of what they once were dissolving in the fizzing crude.

and all the while, play this tune;

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